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Altai. Mount Belukha one of the geographic centers of the planet, the famous place of power, where it is possible to get some energy.

Altai: Places of Power. Shangri-la and Northern Shambhala

James Hilton, a popular British author, wrote about a mystical place back in 1933. His bestseller, Lost Horizon, immortalized a beautiful, magical Utopia in Middle Asia referred to as Shangri-la.

Shangri-la was snugly nestled in a hidden valley beyond the Himalayas, past the towering points of the icy peaks of the Kun Lun mountain range, and sheltered a mysterious community of sages. In this exotic Utopia enlightened masters who possessed the secrets of longevity and incredible mystical and psychic powers lived, studied, and taught to those with an open mind.
Legend and tale have always indicated that Hilton modeled his fictional Trans-Tibetan Utopia on a similar legendary place in Asia called northern Shambhala, Chang Shambhala (so-called to distinguish it from another kingdom called Shambhala to the south, in India). Northern Shambhala was a place known to be the utmost of bliss and Hilton had read about it in the memoirs of Abbé Huc - a Catholic missionary who had travelled through Tibets mystical regions in the nineteenth century. Abbé learned about the kingdom of Shambhala from the Buddhist followers of the Panchen Lama in Shigatse. These Buddhists were members of an arcane brotherhood who claimed that the mystical kingdom lay between the Tien Shan and the Altai mountains. It was believed that this kingdom lye in the Dzungaria Basin.

Huc was not the only source for Hilton to obtain information about the secret kingdom. Since the end of the Middle Ages, Catholic missionaries went out on countless missions in efforts to convert the Tibetans and Chinese to Christianity. Every time they arrived back from their journeys they would be filled with wondrous stories about this magical, rich place that was somewhere in Middle Asia. They described it as a natural paradise in which all the inhabitants were full of wisdom and justice reigned. There was no suffering and old age like in other parts of the world. It was indeed a place where the spirits from above had brought down favorable blessing upon its very land and people.

This hidden paradise is an idyllic region that embraces peace and beatitude that only come from spiritual practices that are initiated by a great wisdom that has been passed down for centuries.

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Travel to Altai, Russia: Mountains and Places of Power

We spent two weeks in the Altai - in this stunning edge-rich nature, only slightly affected by human activity. We came here the first time and were certainly fascinated surrounding splendor nature, always felt ourselves in complete harmony with nature. By the second day here you get balance of mind, body and soul. Who was in the Altai once always come back here again. Our Altai is majestic mountain peaks, natural monuments and artifacts of the past, mountain lakes, pine forests, honey apiaries, mountain valleys and clear air of forests - they call us back, call us to stay here.

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Altai, Place of Power
Altai. Place of Power

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