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The Bear

Photos of Russia: wild nature


Russian winter: there is a lot of snow everywhere: in the forest, on fields and hills. Every river and lake is under the ice. Wild nature slips in winter. Forest is white and quiet, birds don't sing their songs and there is snow on the trees, not leaves. Russian winter is very beautiful, but cold season.

Freezing rain in Moscow (Russia)

December, 27, 2010: The extreme weather conditions in Moscow: Freezing rain. 6 photos >>

Moscow evening. Brilliant ice lies on the trees.
Brilliant ice lies on the trees. It looks very nice, but it's not good. Moscow after freezing rain, winter 2010, 6 photos >>

Solar eclipse of 01.04.2011. Russia, Moscow. 4 photos

Solar eclipse, 01.04.2011, Moscow.
Russia, Moscow, 01/04/2011, noon. It's the sun! 4 photos >>

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1. Russian winter    (photogallery 1)
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6. Ice and frost    (photogallery 6)
7. Water    (photogallery 7)
8. Moments of nature    (photogallery 8)
9. Partisan camp    (photogallery 9)
10. Solar eclipce    (photogallery 10)
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