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Solovetsky Monastery, Solovetsky islands.  Photo by Mihail Vasiliev

Russian North

Russian North is a traditional generalized name for Northern regions of the European part of Russia including the Republic of Karelia, Murmansk Region (Kola), Vologda Region and Arkhangelsk Region. The territory of Russian North is mostly covered with taiga. Northern parts of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions are occupied with tundra. Water covers a significant part of the surface. Numerous lakes, rivers and coast shores of the Beloye (White) and Barents Seas, belonging to the Arctic Ocean, whimsically interweave with land and make magnificent scenery. Northern Lights in winter and White Nights in summer impart peculiar charm to this Northern area. Special feature of Russian North is a significant quantity of memorials of Russian history and architecture, which are integrally entered in natural landscapes. A lot of age-old wooden secular and cult constructions are scattered in all region. A part of them is removed to museums of wooden architecture - Kizhi Pogost in Karelia and Malye Korely near Arkhangelsk. The cultural and historic ensembles of the Solovetsky Isles and Kizhi Pogost are included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Welcome to the Russian North.

Tour to Karelia and Solovki

Russian North: St.-Petersburg - Karelia - Solovki, 10 days

Photo from otkrytie.com/karelia.htm

Russia, Karelia, the Onego lake. Kizhi.   Photo by Digr

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