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The Ugra river.
Lianas on the riverside

The Ugra river. Lianas. Wild nature, Russia.


Wild nature: the Ugra river. Forest, fall. autumn
In National Park

The Ugra river. Morning. Wild nature, Russia. Photo by
Early morning

The Ugra river. Fishing. Wild nature, Russia. Photo by

The Ugra river. White wild flowers. Russia. Photo by
Wild flowers

The Great Stand on the Ugra river was here. Russia, Photo by
Great Stand place

The Great Stand on the Ugra river: Monument
Ugra. Monument

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The liana is one of various long-stemmed, woody vines that are rooted in the soil at ground level and use trees, as well as other means of vertical support, to climb up to the canopy in order to get access to well-lit areas of the forest.
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There are many lianas on the Ugra River wild banks. It looks nice, but sometimes it is really difficult  to come to the water!

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