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The Ugra river. Morning

The Ugra river. Morning. Wild nature, Russia. Photo by


The Ugra river. Fishing. Wild nature, Russia. Photo by

The Ugra river. White wild flowers. Russia. Photo by
White wild flowers

The Great Stand on the Ugra river was here. Russia, Photo by
Great Stand place

The Great Stand on the Ugra river: Monument
Ugra. Monument

The Ugra river. Cold morning. Russia, Photo by
Cold morning

The Ugra river. Wild nature. Russia, Smolensk reg. photos of remote corners of Russia
The Ugra river

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The Ugra river is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. You can swim, fishing, and, If you want, you can drink water from the river - it's not dangerous! But it is usually not necessary since there are a lot of clean springs on the banks of the river.