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White wild flowers

The Ugra river. White wild flowers. Russia. Photo by


The Great Stand on the Ugra river was here. Russia, Photo by

The Great Stand on the Ugra river: Monument
Ugra. Monument

The Ugra river. Cold morning. Russia, Photo by
Cold morning

The Ugra river. Wild nature. Russia, Smolensk reg. photos of remote corners of Russia
The Ugra river

The Ugra river. Lianas by the riverside. Wild nature, Russia.

Wild nature: the Ugra river. Forest, fall. autumn
National Park

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Wild flowers and herbs grow on the Ugra river banks, wild berries and mushrooms grow in the forest. There are several wild animals living in Ugra National Park and a lot of fish is in the river. This is a good place to relax.
Local people hunt, pick berries and mushrooms, catch fish in the river and eat these. This is very useful, tasty and ecological food!