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The Great Stand
on the Ugra river

The Great Standing on the Ugra river was somewhere here. Russia, Photo by


The Great Stand on the Ugra river: Monument
Ugra. Monument

The Ugra river. Cold morning. Russia, Photo by
Cold morning

The Ugra river. Wild nature. Russia, Smolensk reg. photos of remote corners of Russia
The Ugra river

The Ugra river. Lianas by the riverside. Wild nature, Russia.

Wild nature: the Ugra river. Forest, fall. autumn

The Ugra river. Morning. Wild nature, Russia. Photo by
Early morning

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Tataro-Mongols and Russian forces were standing here. And Tatar rule over Russia has finished here in 1480.

The Great Stand on the Ugra river was a standoff between the forces of the Tataro-Mongols Golden Horde and Russian tsar Ivan III in 1480. The Tataro-Mongols army was standing on one bank, russian was standing opposite. Tatars tried to force the Ugra, but russians stopped them constantly, and both armies were stand each on its bank.
After standing during a month on the Ugra River the Tataro-Mongols retreated and Tatar rule over Russia has ended.

Why the Tataro-Mongols have retreated?
There were several reasons. But... It is the Ugra River, where was that standoff. There are large forest here in the XXI century. What was  here in 1480, what do you think?
And tatars always lived in the steppe...
Tataro-Mongols army was mostly cavalry. Besides for the Tatars as food supplies, used mainly sheep, cattle which have followed the army. A large number of horses and cattle for a long period of standing in one place (dense forest!) emptied all feed stocks in the district, and the army began to experience an acute shortage of fodder.
It was a good reason to retreat.

The Great Stand Monument on the nearby hill >>